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Top IN Beauty Corporate Award

Combine Ancient Effective + Modern Technology Beauty, Slimming, Massage and Aesthetics.”

Founded by Alicia Bon in 2004, Lé Bon Aesthetics offers professional and effective beauty, slimming massage, slimming therapy and high-tech beauty centers at Kepong. LeBON's corporate concept provided safe and effective treatments from a group of experienced consultant.

LeBON researches Asian massage techniques combined with LeBON unique skills and theory as a brand treatment’s technique, in terms of keeping up with the newest machines available in the market, Founder's Alicia travels extensively to Asia to handpick the best for her clients. Besides, founder's Alicia personally designed and tested every treatment to ensure utmost safety with maximum results.

LeBON combined hand-manual techique with modern technology transform into effective slimming, wellness massage and facials treatments, chinese medicine moxibustion and slimming massage are the signature treatments of LeBON, they can alleviate the pain of the old body and relieve the troubles of modern diseases, so that lymph can promote detoxification, strengthen blood circulation, reduce edema and engrave the perfect body curve.

Missions: To set up an academy, expand gradually and build up franchising opportunities where inherited valuable knowledge on wide selection of services and products, which already underway to elevate the Lé Bon brand even further.

LeBON 营业概念是结合【古代有效+现代高科技】的美颜,纤体,按摩,美学公司。

《LeBON美容纤体按摩养生堂》从2004年开始由Alicia Bon创立,提供专业有效的美容,纤体按摩,瘦身疗程以及高科技美容的护理中心。LeBON美容纤体按摩养生堂的企业理念由一群经验丰富的顾问提供安全有效的疗程。

《LeBON美容纤体按摩养生堂》研究亚洲的按摩技术结合LeBON品牌独特技能和原理作为品牌瞩目疗程, 为了跟上市场上最新的尖端机器的步伐方面,Alicia广泛前往亚洲为她的客户精心挑选。 此外,每一种治疗都是创始人Alicia亲自设计和测试每一种疗程,以确保最安全和发挥最有效的方法。