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Top IN Beauty Corporate Award

“A Combination Of Ancient Wisdom And Modern Technology”

Lé Bon Aesthetics, founded by Alicia Bon in 2004, provides personalized total wellness at affordable prices. Based on the concept of ‘safe, ethical and accessible beauty’, Lé Bon Aesthetics’ experienced therapists have customized methods that are a combination of age-old techniques paired with the latest innovations in the beauty industry.

What sets this beauty salon apart from its competitors is its unique combination of Chinese, Taiwanese, Indonesian and Thai massage and in-house signature techniques, married with knowledge passed down from skilled experts. Besides, Alicia travels extensively to Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China to keep up with the newest cutting-edge machines available in the market and handpick only the best ones for her clients.

Le Bon vision is to utilize the combination of the ancient wisdom and the modern treatment to create its unique products & training in beauty industry.


为打造个人化且亲民价格的健康美容服务的大自然Lé Bon Aesthetics创立于2004年。秉持了其经营理念“美是安全的、道德的、平易近人的”,其经验十足的美容治疗师将为顾客客制化专属于顾客肌肤状况的技术与美容行业内的创新疗程。

有别于其他美容治疗中心,Lé Bon Aesthetics首创出结合了中式、台式、印尼式及泰式手法的家传秘道疗程。与其著眼于市场上崭新的仪器,Alicia更倾向于亲身飞往韩国、台湾、日本及中国等地手选出最精致的产品供顾客使用。

为确保美容产品与疗程的质量与安全,Alicia更是亲身参与每一项疗程的研发与尝试。艾灸中药经络养生疗程乃是大自然Lé Bon Aesthetics的招牌疗程,使用了源自古老的中医疗法,以艾灸达到促进淋巴循环及排毒的功效。

创新:大自然Lé Bon Aesthetics希望可以透过传统的艾灸中药经络养生疗程,唤回大众对于古法美容驻颜术的重视。与此同时亦为顾客提供包含最新颖的科技疗程包括二氧化碳镭射及射频身体雕塑疗程。

知识:为确保服务的标准性与稳定性,Alicia极为注重对于员工的训练。将大自然Lé Bon Aesthetics打造成美容教育学院便是她的目标之一, 她期望学院能成为汇聚知识与交换经验的教育摇篮。

使命:大自然Lé Bon Aesthetics正积极拓展与筹划连锁经营。此计划可有利于将Lé Bon 品牌提升至一崭新的高度,好让全国各地区的顾客皆可享受到广泛的系列产品与服务。